Improve Digestion, Balance Blood Sugar, and Increase Performance by Discovering The Best Foods For Your Body


Bloated. Cramped. Gassy. Nauseous. Uncertain. It's common, but not normal. Learn how to strengthen your digestive system to reduce these dreaded symptoms during your sport.

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Acute Inflammation? Great. Chronic Inflammation? Costly. Learn how to quell inflammation to reduce pain, speed recovery, and increase circulation.

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Exhaustion: our token of a job well done -- but when it becomes chronic our hormones start screaming for balance. Learn how to support your hormones and restrike that balance for better sleep and more energy

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A Quick Intro

Hi! I'm Jules, a Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach specializing in Gut Health, Inflammation, and Hormone Balance. My mission is to help you improve performance, whether in sport or for the daily grind, by getting to the root of your health concerns and giving you actionable steps towards better wellness.

Whatever your health complaints or goals may be, if you want to show up for life, you need to feel well. I'm so passionate about finding ways to help people feel better, and with the power of diet change and stress management techniques, we'll do just that. You'll be performing at a higher level than ever before.

Change is hard and habit forming takes time, but having a coach who educates and inspires can make all the difference. Schedule a FREE 30-minute call with me down below!

Truth: I used to feel like a pile of hot garbage during my collegiate athletic career: difficulty breathing, inflamed, heavy, weak, GI issues, unmotivated. But through education, trial and error, and hours of research, I now know that most issues can be prevented through diet, lifestyle, and stress management changes. If only I knew back then what I know now!

What others are saying

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything. I still haven't done everything on your list but today is the first day I feel normal again after months of not having any energy. I'm even working out and enjoying it!"

"Meeting Jules was a random little miracle. I have been trying to dial in my gut health for years and never feeling like I was making progress. I've dealt with low energy, ulcers, bloating, and a general feeling that I am not processing my food. We did an intake and spent an hour talking about how I felt, what I battled, and some ideas to support my body. It has been just over a week and I already feel a major shift in my physical self. My body feels satisfied, full, and my sugar cravings have dramatically dropped. I highly recommend Jules to anyone ready to feel their best. She does not recommend fad diets, she helps figure out what your body needs to function at its best and get the nutrients it needs to thrive. I will be forever grateful." - Emily | Denver, Colorado

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It's a conversation all about YOU. What is your main health concern? Your goals? Your questions? I want to hear all about it! Let's connect to see if I am the right coach for you

Take a look around the site and get in touch with any questions. All the best!