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Nitrates and Nitrites in Processed Meats, Should You Be Concerned?

Up until recently, I believed that nitrates and nitrites were harmful and had no place in a healthy diet. I only bought “nitrate and nitrite free” bacon and sausage, and advised my friends to do so as well. My mistake, I should of looked into the recent research before making these unfounded recommendations! It wasn’t until I started studying Holistic Nutrition that I began to look past the mainstream headlines (we all need to do this!) and into the actual science. Everytime I do this
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My Approach to the Holiday Season – Food, Stress, Sleep

  The Holidays are a time for love, gratitude, and celebration. It is NOT a time for guilt, anxiety, and fear. People struggle with this time of year, every year, and I'm here to give you some pointers that have helped me embrace the holidays with more grace and ease. As the celebrations near, the best thing you can do is approach them with both a calm mind and with gratitude, as it does bring our loved ones together. Honestly, you could be eating the most organic, local, and nutrient de
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What’s in Your Performance Product? Part I – Sugars

You have your gels lined up for race day, you have your gummies and outfit color-coded for instagram, and you have your powder packets ready to be dumped into your water bottles - but do you know what these things are made of? do you know what they are actually doing inside your body? do you care? I sure hope so. Sugar, sugar, and more sugar. We use packaged gels, powders, and gummies during our long training sessions, but why? Is it necessary? Are you doing long-term damage to your health?
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