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A Focus on Heart Health

I had a vendor table at the Heart Expo last year and did a lot of research leading up to it. I wanted to ensure I had the most recent science regarding cardiovascular disease. In this blog post I am going to outline some of my main findings in a way that hopefully doesn't further complicate the chaotic world of "high cholesterol." First, at the Heart Expo I saw people getting worksheets with a list of low cholesterol foods. I want to point out that dietary cholesterol does not
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What’s in Your Performance Product? Part I – Sugars

You have your gels lined up for race day, you have your gummies and outfit color-coded for instagram, and you have your powder packets ready to be dumped into your water bottles - but do you know what these things are made of? do you know what they are actually doing inside your body? do you care? I sure hope so. Sugar, sugar, and more sugar. We use packaged gels, powders, and gummies during our long training sessions, but why? Is it necessary? Are you doing long-term damage to your health?
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