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A Focus on Heart Health

I had a vendor table at the Heart Expo last year and did a lot of research leading up to it. I wanted to ensure I had the most recent science regarding cardiovascular disease. In this blog post I am going to outline some of my main findings in a way that hopefully doesn't further complicate the chaotic world of "high cholesterol." First, at the Heart Expo I saw people getting worksheets with a list of low cholesterol foods. I want to point out that dietary cholesterol does not
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What I Learned From 7 Days of Real Food

This past week I committed myself to a "Whole 7," if you will. Nothing but real, whole, unprocessed, untampered with foods. As close to the natural source as possible, eaten the way nature intended. Otherwise known as, wait for it, FOOD. I ate FOOD for 7 days. I'm sure you want to know what I eliminated -- dairy, gluten, corn, soy, alcohol, added sugar, vegetable oils. And what I ate (full list down below) -- meat, eggs, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds. Now I'm going to tell you what happen
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