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Race Report: The RUT 50K

I spent the entire week after my race journaling and talking about it, but it has taken me two months to get it up on here. This blog is a recap of my first ultramarathon experience. A recap of a very intensely lived day that happened on September 5th 2021. Race Details: Location: Big Sky Ski Resort -- MontanaDistance: 50K/31 MilesElevation Gain/Loss: 10,500'/10,500'Low Point: 7,252' High Point: 11,166'Goal Time: Sub 9 hoursActual Time: 9:15Conditions: Insanely smokey with a high te
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Leaky Gut and Refined Carbohydrates: how to reduce digestive distress for improved performance

  your legs felt great, but it wasn't the race you were hoping for because of 'stomach issues'... Bloating, cramping, diarrhea, nausea, gas, uncertainty -- WHAT is going on?!? I've run one road marathon in my life. It was in Nashville and I was working the expo until late the night before. By the time I bought dinner and sat down to eat, it was past 11pm -- the race was starting in 8 hours. What did I order for dinner? Pizza, breadsticks, salad w/creamy dressing, more breadsticks,
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