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Holiday Special: Free 60-Minute Consults!

FREE Consult?!? Okay, what's the catch? Is there one? Of course, it's 2019 and I have a marketing background, but I'm not going to make you scroll to the end of the email or click on anything to find it. And it's barely a catch... Here it is: you either pay what you can (sliding scale type payment), you pay what you think it was worth, or you pay nothing at all. Interested? For you? For a loved one? For a stranger? Read on friends! What: A 60-minute nutrition consult in-person or by p
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Nitrates and Nitrites in Processed Meats, Should You Be Concerned?

Up until recently, I believed that nitrates and nitrites were harmful and had no place in a healthy diet. I only bought “nitrate and nitrite free” bacon and sausage, and advised my friends to do so as well. My mistake, I should of looked into the recent research before making these unfounded recommendations! It wasn’t until I started studying Holistic Nutrition that I began to look past the mainstream headlines (we all need to do this!) and into the actual science. Everytime I do this
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