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A Solo and Speedy Thru-Hike of the Wonderland Trail

The Wonderland Trail is a 93 mile loop around one of the lower 48's largest active volcanoes, Mt. Rainier. 22,000 feet of glute force climbing, and 22,000 feet of quad screaming loss. Most people go clockwise because the ascents are more gradual, but I ended up going counter-clockwise because I'm a bigger fan of more gradual descents. I really don't think it makes a big difference, it's brutally steep in both directions. I'm also certain that if I chose to go in the other direction, it
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Why I Hike Alone

"I learned my strengths and my weaknesses. I experienced the exhilaration of the ups and the despairs of the lows and most of the feelings in between...I learned courage and I learned it myself" - Ann Stirk For the past several years I have ventured off on my own, so much so that the #1 question I get seems to be packed into one word, but with an entire world of concern behind the eyes - "alone?" Recently I have been feeling a bit of shame/guilt/embarrassment around my habit of solo adventure.
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What’s in Your Performance Product? Part I – Sugars

You have your gels lined up for race day, you have your gummies and outfit color-coded for instagram, and you have your powder packets ready to be dumped into your water bottles - but do you know what these things are made of? do you know what they are actually doing inside your body? do you care? I sure hope so. Sugar, sugar, and more sugar. We use packaged gels, powders, and gummies during our long training sessions, but why? Is it necessary? Are you doing long-term damage to your health?
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