Improved Performance Begins Here!

Since we are working towards lifestyle change, I strongly encourage scheduling follow-ups or choosing a package. In order for successful healthy habits to form, they need to be implemented slowly!

Initial Session:

Ready to get to the bottom of those nagging health concerns but don’t want to commit to long-term coaching? Let’s team up and get it done!


  • 90-Minute Detailed Consult
  • Key Solutions for your main concerns:
    • Low Energy, Poor Sleep, Inflammation, Intense Cravings, Bloat, Cramps, Poor Digestion, PMS, Menopause Symptoms, Absent Cycle, Declined Performance
  • Sport Specific Adjustments
  • Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations
  • Inspiration/Support/Encouragement

$160 Schedule here!

Follow-Up Sessions:

To be scheduled 4 weeks after your Initial Session


    • 50-Minute Coaching Session
    • Reassessment of where you are in your journey
    • Additional recommendations, subtractions
    • Additional relevant worksheets & guides

$90 Schedule here!


Foundational Nutrition Package

A 3-session package to get to the bottom of your symptoms, find relief, and help you learn more about food and your body. Each session will be 4 weeks apart. Let me guide you towards better energy, better digestion, better sleep, better performance, better whatever you’re looking for! I just want to help you feel better.

$375 Schedule Here

Nutritional Training for Endurance Sports 2020

If you are reading this it’s likely you’re signed up for a marathon or ultra-marathon in later this year, congrats! Since your body and environment are constantly changing, it doesn’t matter if this is your first long-distance effort or 17th; you need to reevaluate where you’re at and get a personalized plan. There’s a solid amount of literature behind being able to train your gut for endurance sports, so say goodbye to the GI distress that caused your last DNF. Let’s work together to help you avoid the bonk, the urgency, the nausea. Or how about keeping your hormones balanced while pounding your body into the dirt? That’s possible too! I want you to feel good, strong, and have SO much fun that you’ll want to register for next year’s race once you cross the finish line. Email me for more info on the scheduling of your sessions; we’ll ideally need 3-4 months before your race to implement strategies that will prep your body (ahem, strengthen your gut) and give you the best chance at achieving your 2020 goal! But ideally we’ll have 5-6 months of time together to really get the work done.

Early Bird Prices for 2020 (will increase at the beginning of each month. Buy now, schedule later). Each session will be 60 minutes in length either in person or via phone/video call. Doesn’t matter where you live as long as you have phone service. In-depth protocols provided after each session. If you’re uncertain about working with me and want to know more, please reach out for a free 20-minute call!

3 Monthly Sessions: $380

4 Monthly Sessions: $490

6 Monthly Sessions: $690

As for me, I am registered for The RUT 50K on Labor Day Weekend, anyone else??

Get on Top of your Nutrition (5 months)

Ready to upgrade your diet and lifestyle to ensure greater daily performance? Let’s target your main health concerns and leave you feeling stronger than ever!


  • Monthly Coaching Sessions (5)
  • Grocery-Store Walk-Through  (can be done over video chat!)
  • Hormone/Nutritional Deficiency Testing Recommendations
  • Reliable Reassessment of your Progress
  • Unlimited Email Chat – Accountability!
  • Book, Podcast, and Website Recommendations for Further Optimization

$900 Schedule here!

Master Your Nutrition (8 months)

Ready to truly become the master of your health? Learn how to hone in on your body and create an awareness that leaves you feeling like you can tackle anything. After 8 months you’ll have a brain full of resources ready to be used whenever you need. Let’s put you back in control of your own health!


  • Monthly Coaching Sessions (8)
  • Everything listed above
  • Concrete Healthy Habits Set in Place for Life
  • Constant Goal Setting and Readjustments for Success
  • Enough Time to Formulate In-Season and Off-Season Dietary Enhancements

$1700 Schedule here!

Additional services available in-person or over video chat:

Grocery-Store Walk-Through —  Let’s go grocery shopping together! This takes between 1-1.5 hours and I’ll teach you how to read labels, what brands are reputable, great choices for a convenient snack, show you how to save a few bucks, and provide a lot of food education along the way!  $75/hour – email to set-up an appt.

Pantry Clean-Out — I’m coming over! I’ll go through your kitchen and let you know what is working for you and what is not. Education is key to healthy eating for you and your family!   $75/hour – email to set-up an appt.

Let’s find out if we would be a good fit by discussing your main health concerns and goals!