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Race Report: The RUT 50K

I spent the entire week after my race journaling and talking about it, but it has taken me two months to get it up on here. This blog is a recap of my first ultramarathon experience. A recap of a very intensely lived day that happened on September 5th 2021. Race Details: Location: Big Sky Ski Resort -- MontanaDistance: 50K/31 MilesElevation Gain/Loss: 10,500'/10,500'Low Point: 7,252' High Point: 11,166'Goal Time: Sub 9 hoursActual Time: 9:15Conditions: Insanely smokey with a high te
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What I Learned While Training For My First Ultramarathon

True to form, for my first ever Ultramarathon, I signed up for the hardest one in the country: The RUT 50K in Big Sky, Montana. I was fully trained, both physically and mentally, and thank goodness because I had one of the hardest days of my life out on that course and without my physical and mental fitness there is no way I could have finished. I'll give a race report in my next post, but for this one I want to talk a little bit about what my training looked like. Not so much in details
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